Single SMS

The user must login to his/her account in order to send SMS. After logging into the account click Single SMS under the SMS Gateway Tab.

From (Sender ID):

Please select your Sender ID from drop-down and if you have Dynamic Sender ID access then please select that option and it will allow you to add your own sender ID.

SMS to Country:

You will see your default country shown here but if you do have access to multiple countries then you will dropdown here so you can choose your own country.


Please select your contact by click on + button and you can add address book group or you can add single number there.

Message Type:

Select the type of message you wish to send from the drop down menu. You can send a normal english message, flash message and unicode message.


You can write your desired message in the given field, you are allowed to send one message of 160 characters if increase the limit then it will be converted to two SMS. You will also come to know about the remaining characters and the number of messages you are sending . As shown below:

Schedule SMS:

If you check the box to enable the schedule of SMS then the fields will appear to mention date and time for your SMS delivery. After submitting that click the �Send� button to send your SMS.